Denial is a self-inflicted prison.  When we intentionally reject access to truth, we choose to relinquish our power to those who feed us lies.  Critical thinking is about making conscious choices.  We cannot be empowered to make choices when we are ignorant to relevant information impacting those choices.  Absent a scrupulous and thorough exploration of fact, we are merely slaves to popular opinion and fallacies, powerless to control our own lives. 

Perhaps the truth is not something many people want to know, because blissful ignorance relieves personal accountability.  While the Pollyanna mindset has value in maintaining a cheerful disposition, attrocities of humankind are perpetuated when happy people turn a blind eye.    The truth IS overwhelming.   But it is also a liberation from unconsciousness.  Every courageous engagement that pushes us beyond our comfortable illusion provides an opportunity for evolution.  We can only expand our field of view when we shine light in dark places. 

It has been several months now since I made the life choice to become a vegetarian.  Although I had an awareness about the horrors of inhumane practices for many years, I was not moved to change my ways until I forced myself to truly consider the consequences of my actions.  The reality was presented to me in a visually engaging and emotionally raw film titled Earthlings.  I have attached the link for this film for those of you who are willing to look honestly at how our choices impact the world we live in and the creatures who share this planet.

For those of you who are not, do not judge yourself.   Each of us has our demons. 

Henry Miller once wrote that “the aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.”  I think he left out “reverently”.