It seems there is a consensus among my readers about avoiding response to emails from right-wing think tanks.  While I do believe in the Law of Attraction, I wish I could see the value in ignoring these conservative fanatics.  Pressing delete could lift my mood temporarily, but the people who believe all this nationalistic nonsense do not disappear with the message I send to my virtual trash bin.  What truly disturbs me about emails like the one I posted is that there are REAL people who stand behind the BS.  I do know who sent me the email and she is a close friend who expressed her support for the ideas presented there.  Sure, I could have just sent her a quick reply affirming my disagreement or even just deleted the email without a second thought.  But she is not alone.  Millions of Americans ACTUALLY think like this,  and the TERRIFYING reality of it all is that they aren’t like an email I can simply delete.  They live in my town.  They attend my classes.  They vote, and they spend money to support politicians who espouse similar viewpoints.  I do realize that my energy is best spent focusing on the postive change I want for the world, but sometimes I think we have a responsibility to call attention to the ignorant and destructive patterns that stifle our spiritual evolution.  Part of BEING the change we wish to see in the world involves a commitment to educating those who stagnate a movement toward enlightenment. 
HOWEVER, I am very clear that my method of education (as delieverd in my most recent post) is less than effective.  Again, I need to mold my message into one that does not alienate the audience I wish to educate.  I’m working on that.   It’s one of the most difficult challenges I face as an imperfect human being.  “Love thy enemy. ”  It sounds good in theory, but the practical application requires serious self-control.