chronological age- 32
cosmic age- 3,294
emotional age- 4
sex- two X chromosomes
identities- college instructor, recovering lawyer, retired superheroine, vegetarian, political activist, neo-pagan, feminist, PT real estate contractor, environmentalist, dutiful slave to 4 cats  & 2 dogs, singer, writer, lover, fighter, superstar

I am:

angry fists shaking at the sky,
silence before sunrise,
history from the perspective of the defeated,
smiles between strangers,
wagging tails,
tears of Iraqi children,
scent of crushed autumn leaves,
fear of fire,
embodied divine feminine,
a collection of snowflakes,
the illusion of time,
a faded bumper sticker,
recycled stardust,
tomorrow’s headline,
an instrument of change,
a drowning polar bear

light in dark places.